I am a "full service" Certified Public Accounting firm insofar as I can provide accounting, auditing, taxation and consulting services. However, I cannot realistically be "all things to all people". Accordingly, I have chosen to concentrate my practice on industries and professions with which I am most familiar by training and experience.
My present clientele, and those I hope to serve based upon our expertise are comprised of the following:

High Wealth Individuals

  • Resident U.S. Citizens
  • Non-resident U.S. Citizens
  • Resident non-U.S. Citizens

  • Professionals

  • Accounting
  • Architectural
  • Dental
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Veterinary

  • Contractors

  • Commercial builders
  • General
  • Home builders
  • Paving
  • Site development
  • Specialty
  • Subcontractors
  • Services

  • Advertising
  • Delivery
  • Financial
  • Radio communications
  • Shipping
  • Wholesalers
  • Computer
  • Retailers
  • Estates
  • Trusts

  • Real Estate

  • Agents
  • Commercial
  • Developers
  • Hotels
  • Investors
  • Managers
  • Operators
  • Residential
  • Resorts

    I have a broad range of industry experience upon which to draw a considerable amount of knowledge. The following is a list of the types of clients that I have served over the course of my careers:

    Advertising agencies
    Agribusiness; citrus and cattle
    Architects, engineers and planners
    Attorneys and law firms
    Automotive and marine dealerships
    Builders and contractors
    Cement products manufacturer
    Computer sales/services
    Computer software developers
    Condominium and homeowners
    Distributors and wholesalers
    Environmental consulting firms
    Equipment leasing
    Finance companies
    Furniture manufacturer
    Hotels and resorts
    Insurance agencies

    Merchant marine repair services
    Mobile home manufacturer
    Non-profit organization; religious,
      health and welfare, housing (HUD),
      civic and social
    Pension and profit sharing funds
    Physicians and dentists
    Placement firm
    Retailers, hard and soft goods
    Retirement centers and life care
    Real estate developers and retail
      land sales
    Real estate; operators, managers
      and agencies
    Real estate operations; apartments,
      offices, time share
    Securities dealers
    Shipping companies
    Travel agencies
    Wholesalers; electrical, building
      supplies, pool supplies.